The Mexican Energy Association (AME) appreciates the invitation to participate in the Open Parliament forums that analyze the Constitutional Reform on the Electricity sector. The members of the AME recognize the democratic exercise that the Open Parliament represents and its relevance to inform the lawmaking process with the perspective of business organizations, academics, experts, and environmentalists, both national and international. 

The members of the AME want to state that: 

  • On February 3rd, after a detailed analysis of the Bill of Reform and deliberations to reach consensus within the association, the shared perspective of the electricity generation companies was presented by Mr. Carlos Rodríguez Sámano, during Forum 13 of the Open Parliament, entitled Constitutionality and legality of the electricity reform proposal. Evidence of the private sector’s contributions to the construction of an efficient and low-cost electrical system during the last decades and the complementarity of public and private investment to face the challenges of sufficiency, reliability and sustainability of the national electricity supply into the future, were presented in Congress. 
  • The added value of the Open Parliament and its usefulness derive from the identification of the comprehensive effects for Mexico of its possible approval or rejection, and not in the implications for any singular company, whether public or private. 
  • We believe that the discussion should focus on finding the best solution for the national electricity system as a whole, so the Association is willing to broaden the positions previously presented, to the extent that Congressmembers consider it relevant. 

The members of the AME respect the legal framework that Congress decides and will conduct themselves with strict adherence to current laws, always by the institutional mechanisms that govern the economic relations, both domestically and internationally. 

The Mexican Energy Association reiterates its commitment to building an electrical system that is up to the economic and social challenges that Mexico faces, and trusts that the free and open deliberation held today by the Legislative Power will result in the best institutional design for the development and environmental sustainability of the coming decades, and the well-being of Mexicans.