At present, there are 83 combined-cycle
plants in Mexico, which accounts for 29%
of the national installed capacity.

Further information of combined cycles:

  • Works using recovered gas and steam
  • Operates continuously with high availability and no intermittencies
  • Implements programs to continuously improve the generation process
  • Greater efficiency compared to other technologies (1.4 times more than a thermoelectric plant)
  • Offers a clean and ecofriendly process

Environmental benefits of combined-cycle plants

  • The natural gas does not emit solid particles during its combustion, REDUCING CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS BY 60%
  • Steam is recovered and turned into water to be reused during the process, POTENTIALIZING AND CAPITALIZING THIS VALUABLE RESOURCE
  • CCPP ONLY REQUIRE A THIRD OF THE WATER used in conventional thermoelectric plants
  • COMBINED CYCLE technology has replaced generation that uses highly polluting materials such as fuel oil and carbon
  • Thanks to its proximity to the delivery and loading points, ENERGY LOSS IS SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED during the transmission process
  • The energy generated in the steam turbine is the result of the waste heat from the gas turbine, which makes this A CLEAN SOURCE OF ENERGY